We provide unique financial and service solutions for manufacturers

International Equipment Resources (IER) is the result of a group of financial and engineering experts discovering that there was a large gap in bundled financial services being offered to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that they could supply to their end customers.

IER first began developing the Company’s core business concepts in 2016. In fact, as part of this development process we talked to many different industrial & commercial equipment manufacturers all over the world about the lack of financial and service options available to them. We wanted to find out about what they needed and what wasn’t available.

The results of these conversations with the OEMs were clear almost immediately. They told us of the shortages in financial and service support options available to them and their customers for their equipment. They also explained to us what solutions they would like to provide to their clients.

In fact, the three key areas consistently discussed by OEMs with us were financial packages, extended warranty services and data & communication solutions. To them, these three areas were difficult to find, even on an individual basis.

However, what was even more striking to us as a group was that not one company globally was providing a complete, integrated financial and service solution for OEMs.

In contrast, it is clear that consumer-focused companies are already working to integrate consumer systems all over the world. This is the concept of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The reality is customers in the consumer world already enjoy global integrated services and the process is highly successful.

Therefore, the question to us as a team was fairly clear.

“Why couldn’t we provide the same financial and service integrated solutions to equipment manufacturers that consumers enjoyed on a daily basis?”

The answer was simple. We could do this and IER was born!

So, following the same direction as the consumer markets, IER has spent considerable time developing industrial and commercial manufacturing focused solutions. These solutions integrate many value added services including financial products, warranties and service support.  Further, we use a communication platform that integrates all of the services.

This means as a single company IER can provide a unique, global, integrated financial and service solution for OEMs.

Contact us now and discuss how we can help you in providing financial solutions to your customers.