Product financing and leasing solutions from IER

The financial problems when buying equipment

At IER, we know that as Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEMs) you need to sell equipment in order to succeed in business. However, there may be a problem for you in that sales process and that problem is that many customers may not be able afford to buy the equipment they need from you in cash. So, they may need to rely on alternative finance options to help them purchase the systems.

However, you may not have any finance options available for your customers. Previously, you may have tried to investigate the complex world of finance to find suitable options for them but failed since this is not your expertise.

Further, even if you do search out finance options for your customer, and you are successful in arranging a solution, it may often be the case that the equipment falls outside the scope of qualifying for most purchasers. This may result in the sale falling through and leaves your customers that need financing the most still without options to purchase your equipment.

Financial solutions for OEMs when selling equipment

At IER we understand the difficulties experienced by you and your company in providing financial solutions to customers for their equipment. With this in mind, IER has arranged a full range of options for your equipment including financing, leasing, and in unique situations development funding.

What is even better for you is that we can provide these directly to your customer or as private label services. This means you can choose how you deliver the financial solutions to your customers and keep control of your sales and branding.

Further, within each of these options we know there can be many complex issues that depend on the specific circumstances of the sale and your customer. However, if you work with us in partnership we can help you remove these problems and find the right solution for them.

In fact, our ability at IER to custom select the appropriate finance option for your client based on their specific transaction needs is the IER advantage that you, as an OEM trying to help your customer, can take advantage of and grow your business.

Contact us now and discuss how IER can help you in providing finance and leasing solutions to your customers.