Why incorporate IER?

  • Increase legitimacy of new product lines
  • Expand market share with enhanced warranty
  • Offer additional Liquidity or Leasing options
  • Gain more control over after-sales channels
  • Develop/Improve Annual Service Revenue
  • Develop Installation / Vendor Certification Program
  • Increase Lifetime Penetration with current client base
  • Paid annual visits to offer additional products

IER was created to give the manufacturers the opportunity to customize an offering to the end user and provide additional sources of aftermarket revenue. Just like anything else that is customized, there are “6 or half of dozen” ways to do it and IER is here to help companies accomplish their offerings.

Whether you’re a new company that has developed a product that is not yet in the market and therefore has no known data or you have a commodity product in the market and are looking for a way to set yourself apart. A company may want offer additional ways for a customers to finance or lease products .

IER is here to help you create something that you couldn’t do yourself in house, but we will incorporate into your back office to make it look you did just that. IER will also have a much cheaper source of capital and resources for you take advantage of, making you look a lot bigger than you really are.


Why Service Models Work

“Typically, companies achieve the greatest impact from boosting lifetime penetration, especially if they can increase the number of contracts related to servicing aging equipment—an important source of revenue and one that is often overlooked.” McKinsey&Company


The Problem

“Industrial OEMs are often in the best position to capture aftermarket value, since they understand their products better than third-party providers, have partnerships within their channels, and can collect proprietary data about their equipment from their large installed base. – McKinsey&Company

The Solution

Our mission is to provide unique, integrated financial and business service solutions to manufacturers, supporting globally sales and providing custom options for improved client retention and increased revenue. 

Delegate back-office services

Trying to incorporate the necessary offerings’ to your clients can be difficult at best, but still important when building an aftermarket revenue stream. Many EOM’s get lost in doing things that they aren’t in business to do, such as, self-insuring (warranties), financing, leasing, and data integration. When done right can add tremendous annuitized cash flow. If done wrong, it can eat in to the one thing you do well, manufacture.