Custom Warranty and Integrated Financing Solutions

IER Solutions Include:

  • In-house financing programs that allow the manufacturer to create liquidity and potential acquisition strategies for new clients.
  • Underwriting customized warranties that bring comfort and legitimacy to products in new markets.
  • Creating certification processes that offer better customer service and additional sales opportunities.
  • Introducing new and innovated ways to collect performance data and predict possible product failures.

We believe this fully integrated financial service solution provides a complete package of financial tools that is unique in any industry and will offer you, the OEM, a highly effective opportunity for growth in your business.

Further, we are highly flexible in our approach to working with you. We can provide all of these services directly to your customers or we can provide the packages as a private label for you. This gives you many options to grow both your business and your brand. Also, we can support you in both business-to-business (B2B) opportunities and we can help with consumer equipment sales. IER are highly effective in both areas and we can do this globally.

This flexibility means that you can choose how you supply these services to your customers, allowing you to provide the right financial solutions for your equipment. This can ultimately lead to increases in sales, improvements in service support and ultimately ensure the customers are happy.

Let us help you provide unique, exceptionally designed, financial packages to your customers. Work with IER and find out how we can support you.